Jace Banu - About

Jace Banu is a collaborative partnership and unique design identity formed through a shared aesthetic and bound by an integral respect for the world. Founded under the Australian sun, Jace Banu embodies endless summers, reminiscent of moments and times gone by.

Designed in Australia, our pieces are responsibly made using natural and certified materials, with ethical trade at the forefront of our business. Each piece takes cues from bygone eras paired with modern concepts. Architecture, art, and colour theory all form the base of Jace Banu pieces, with responsible manufacturing and a respect for the environment binding them together.

Handwoven in Ecuador and Madagascar, our headwear harness the skills and expertise of local artisans; supporting communities and nurturing age-old weaving techniques.

Made to be wardrobe staples or statements, Jace Banu is synonymous with luxury sun-wear. Romanticising one’s time spent in the sun, our pieces elevate the everyday.